Parts step 1 and you may 2 shall take effect with the 15th big date away from Oct adopting the ratification associated with post

Parts step 1 and you may 2 shall take effect with the 15th big date away from Oct adopting the ratification associated with post

That it amendment shall not thus construed concerning impact the election otherwise title of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid within the Composition.

Section step 1. Once one year throughout the ratification of the post the brand new create, selling, otherwise transportation out of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof towards, or even the exportation thereof from the Us as well as area at the mercy of new legislation thereof to own beverage aim is actually hereby blocked.

Point step 3. This informative article can be inoperative until it will were ratified given that an amendment for the Composition by the legislatures of the several Claims, because the offered regarding the Constitution, in this seven years about big date of the entry hereof to help you new Says by Congress.

Point 1 . The brand new terms of the new President and you may Vice president shall end in the noon with the twentieth day of January, together with terms of Senators and you will Agents at the noon towards 3d day’s January, of ages in which such as conditions could have concluded if this article wasn’t ratified; therefore the regards to their successors shall after that initiate.

Part 2 . The fresh new Congress shall gather at least once in virtually any season, and you can such as for example fulfilling shall initiate from the noon with the 3d date regarding January, until it will by-law hire a different big date.

Area step 3 . If, during the time repaired toward start of the label out of the latest Chairman, the brand new President elect should have ended, the Vice-president decide should getting President. If a president should n’t have become chosen before go out fixed with the beginning of his term, or if perhaps the President elect should failed so you can meet the requirements, then your Vice president decide shall play the role of Chairman up until a beneficial Chairman will has certified; plus the Congress could possibly get by-law permit your situation for which none a founder elect nor a vp decide should possess accredited, claiming who will following try to be Chairman, or even the manner in which individual that would be to operate will become selected, and you will eg people will operate accordingly until a president or Vice Chairman should keeps accredited.

Section cuatro . The latest Congress may by law provide for the situation of loss of any of the people out of just who our house regarding Agents will get choose a founder whenever the best preference shall have devolved abreast of him or her, and also for the matter of the fresh loss of all persons from which the brand new Senate will get prefer a vice president of course ideal of preference will have devolved upon her or him.

Area 6 . This article will be inoperative except if it should was in fact ratified because an amendment towards Constitution by the legislatures of about three-fourths of one’s multiple States within this seven years about time of the entry.

Section dos . Brand new transportation or importation on the one State, Region, otherwise possession of the You to own beginning otherwise fool around with therein regarding intoxicating liquors, into the citation of laws thereof, are hereby prohibited.

Part step three . This article will likely be inoperative except if it will have been ratified while the a modification with the Structure of the exhibitions regarding the numerous Says, while the given regarding the Constitution, inside seven age on date of the submission hereof so you’re able to the newest States by the Congress.

The best away from owners of your own Us so you can vote will not rejected or abridged because of the Us otherwise of the one State because of gender

Ideal out-of citizens of one’s You to vote will not refuted or abridged from the You or by any Condition because of intercourse

Ideal from owners of your own You so you can vote should never be refuted or abridged from the You or of the any State on account of sex

Ideal away from customers of your own You to help you vote should not be refuted or abridged because of the United states or from the one State on account of sex

The best from people of the United states to help you vote will not refused or abridged by All of us or from the people Condition because of gender

Best out of owners of one’s Us so you’re able to vote will never be denied or abridged of the All of us otherwise of the people County due to intercourse

Suitable out of people of your You so you can vote shall never be denied otherwise abridged because of the Us or by one State due to intercourse

The proper off customers of your All of us to help you choose will not rejected otherwise abridged from the All of us otherwise from the one Condition due to sex

Modification XVIII (1919)
Amendment XIX (1920)
Amendment XX (1933)
Modification XXI (1933)

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